Integrations allow you to bring content to and from third party platforms to make your conversations more productive… or more silly. You can see them as bridges, but not for chat.


emm stands for Export Matrix Messages A CLI tool that joins the room and exports last N messages to the file(-s) you specified.


Generic modular Matrix bot, a super easy platform to write Matrix bot functionality in Python.


A Matrix helpdesk bot


Posts links to emails in Matrix rooms. Ideal for newsletter distribution.


Personal assistant and Admin tool


Matrix feeder is a matrix bot that monitors defined channels for media and posts them to another channel.

Matrix Registration Bot

A bot aiming to create and manage registration tokens for a matrix server. It wants to help invitation based servers to maintain usability.

Matrix Rooms Search API

A fully-featured, standalone, matrix rooms search service. Demo instance:


matrix-rss-bridge is a bridge for reading RSS feeds in Matrix rooms.


Interact with Trello in matrix


A plugin-based Matrix bot system written in Python.


A connector for opsdroid to receive and respond to messages


A graph-based Matrix bot in Rust


A bridge between Matrix and multiple project management services, such as GitHub, GitLab and JIRA.


A collaborative whiteboard widget for Matrix.

Matrix Poll

A widget to conduct advanced polls in Matrix rooms.

Matrix Meetings

A widget and bot to organize meetings and video conferences in Matrix chat rooms.

Matrix BarCamp

A widget to organize virtual Barcamps in Matrix chat rooms.

Matrix Communication Plugin for Jenkins

A plugin allowing Jenkins to communicate with a Matrix server


A time-like command that will send end of an arbitrary command output and some other info (like exit status) to matrix room.


Matrix authentication plugin for Radicale